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Spirit of Winsome Winn II 12.50* (£2.50 delivery per book)
Custer's English Soldier 15* (£2.50 delivery per book)
Death/Chief Constable Solomon 8.50* (£2.50 delivery per book)
Brighton Trunk Murders 8.50* (£2.50 delivery per book)
On the Brighton Beat 11.99* (£2.50 delivery per book)
Bent Cops 8.95* (£2.50 delivery per book)
War in the City Vol. 1 8.99* (£2.50 delivery per book)
War in the City Vol. 2 8.99* (£2.50 delivery per book)
Survivors 10.99* (£2.50 delivery per book)
Spitfires over Sussex 10 (£2.50 delivery per book)
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